What if I register and then can't ride?

You may defer your registration to next year, but only up until October 15, 2024. There is a $30 processing fee. Defer Form: festivelo.org/defer

You may transfer your registration to another rider, preferably by October 15 so the bib number and shirt choice will be correct. There is a $20 processing fee. The person receiving the transfer will receive an email with instructions that should be followed promptly; they are not registered until they complete registration. Transfer Form: festivelo.org/transfer

We do not offer refunds.

What package should I buy?

If you are planning on riding for 4 days, you have a choice of a Gold or Silver registration. The Gold registration includes 4 days of riding, breakfast each morning, dinner each evening, plus admission to the Wine Down Wednesday, Thursday Chocolate Obsession, and Friday and Saturday night Oyster Roasts. 

The Silver registration includes 4 days of riding. Breakfast, dinner, Wine Down Wednesday, Thursday Chocolate Obsession, and the Oyster Roasts must be purchased separately. The 4-day Silver registration is a good idea for those who may not be eating breakfast with us or who want to choose which days you have dinner or want to pick what themed evening events you participate in. 

The 3 day Gold and Silver registrations work the same as the 4 day registrations, albeit with one less day of meals and evening activities.

All registrations include lunch on the course, post-ride snacks and drinks, craft beer, and an evening cook-out with S'mores and hot dogs, after-dinner speakers, and a DJ (day TBD).




Are e-bikes allowed?

Yes, and the flat terrain of the Low Country is perfect for them.  But, it's really more about the rider than the bike. If you ride with a large group, you should know the associated rules and etiquette. 



Are vegan diets supported?

While we do our best to support vegetarian diets, vegan diets are very difficult to support across all the meals, snacks, and events. If you are vegan or have other strict diet requirements, please contact the event director at info@festivelo.org to discuss arrangements.



How are the routes organized and named?  

We have multiple route options and start times each day. On Thursday and Friday, all routes (long, medium, and short) depart from the Farmers Market in Walterboro with staggered start times of 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00.  These routes will have names like FV23 Thur Long or FV23 Fri Medium.  The routes are composed of multipe loops. The ~30-mile yellow loop goes out to the lunch location and back. A red loop and white loop start and finish at the lunch location and add ~30 and ~40 miles, respectively. 

On Saturday and Sunday, we have routes that start from the Farmers Market, all at 8:00, and we have routes that start from an alternate location - the lunch stop for the day.  Those routes from the alternate starting location start at 9:30 and have names like FV23 Sat Alt Short or FV23 Sun Alt Medium.  

On Saturday, all the routes are marked in yellow, with one exception.  The medium route starting from the lunch location (FV23 Sat Alt Medium) has a second loop marked in red. 

On Sunday, there are three different loops from the lunch location - red, white, and blue - each approximately 20 miles in length. The FV23 Sun Alt Medium route combines all three loops in that order. Otherwise, you can ride each loop individually, in whichever order you choose, and these routes are named FV23 Sun Alt Red, etc. 

In the post-ride survey, some riders have requested intermediate distances. To achieve this, you can use the long route for a given day, choose to start from the Farmers Market or the day's lunch location, and then choose which loops to include or omit. For example, on Thursday or Friday you could leave from the Farmers Market and ride to the first rest stop (lunch location), then ride the longer, white loop and then return, yielding about 72 miles.  Or, you could drive to the lunch location and do any of the loops from there, with the red loop being around 30 miles and the white loop being around 40. 

You can start at the time and location of your choosing on any day, but pay attention to the rest stop open and close times listed on the cue sheets. The announced start times better allow riders to ride in groups and be at the lunch stop while lunch is being served (11:00am - 1:30pm).

Can I change my route while I am riding?

Yes. It's your choice when and where you ride. We ask that you stay on our marked routes (yes, you can ride them in reverse). Please honor our rest stop opening and closing times, noted on the cue sheets. You don’t have to ride the routes in sequence. If you want to avoid traffic or mass starts, drive to lunch stop and pick the loop(s) you want to ride paying attention to the rest stop times. If you do so, it helps to share your location on the FestiVELO app so the support teams can see where you are. 

How are the routes marked?

Turns are marked with a O-. The O is white, the tail (-) will match the route color. For the best experience, download the FestiVELO App.

Before every turn, we marked approximately 100 yds prior a mark indicating direction, 100 ft. we mark again, at the intersection we mark again. After you make a turn you will find another mark confirming the turn. If you don’t see a mark after a turn, you are off course.

What happens if I miss a day that I signed up for?

If there is bad weather or some other event that prevents you from riding on a day that you are scheduled, you can ride the following day to make up for it. Let the staff know the next morning when you show up for the make up ride.

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