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Please note:

Work is still pending on the 2023 mobile app. This page and the link to download will be updated when it is available.

The 2022 version of the FestiVelo app, version 6.2.0, is presently available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app will be updated for 2023 later in the year.

Our Mobile App works with IOS and Android. Its broad functionality is indispensable for both riders and volunteers alike. The FestiVelo App includes everything you'll need to make your participation in FestiVelo easy, safe, and fun.

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Features, features, features... 
  1. Receive notifications of late-breaking news
  2. View the entire event calendar, always up-to-date
  3. Get driving directions to all the FestiVelo destinations
  4. See where you are within Walterboro in relation to key sites
  5. View each day's pre-ride announcements
  6. See if you're on or off course by checking each day's route maps that show your location and the location of the rest stops
  7. Share your location on the route with other riders and friends, and see where they are 
  8. Check the weather by displaying animated weather radar on the route maps, and by viewing current wind and weather conditions
  9. Request help and see the location of the responding support team, much like calling an Uber 
  10. If you have an emergency, get all the information you need to call the Walterboro Police or 911
  11. View each day's event photos 
For even more info, visit festivelo.govia.tech, but whatever you do, install our app! 

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